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Re: Amazon.co.uk has Children of Húrin Super Deluxe

Subject: Re: Amazon.co.uk has Children of Húrin Super Deluxe
by Beren on 2007/11/28 15:23:19

All I remember since 1992 where small papers you had to fill in and receive (listen good) through the Tolkien Society. And in this way you could obtain the deluxe editions.

Then, when the HoMe Deluxe came out you could order it from Amazon and it was open for all, but still it was hard to obtain a copy.

By the way, it is funny to say, but back in 1987 up to 1996 there where a lot of these deluxe editions that had not been sold. They remained in stock (even in original mailing boxes) and finally around 1997 they sold of the stock in big lots (like for example 35 copies of the super deluxe hobbit in one go).

Now days things have changed; or it seems a bit like that. Deluxe editions are either more wanted, or there are more collectors these days.

I have been digging around, talking and listening a lot and I have learned a lot about how this edition came to be and who is behind it. And I knew about this edition already from before the release of the hardback edition. There where meetings held and suddenly the whole project was put aside or put on hold. I know when the project began to ran again and I can say it was not HC themselves who ordered this edition... and the reasons for this edition is also not the money. Let us see it as a gesture from the Tolkien family to the collecting community. Do you know that it has been a very long time since we saw any 'nice deluxe' appear... it was about time someone did speak up and demanded such a 'high' quality edition to be made...
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