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Re: Amazon.co.uk has Children of Húrin Super Deluxe

Subject: Re: Amazon.co.uk has Children of Húrin Super Deluxe
by Khamûl on 2007/11/28 4:38:54

[Thanks for that info. Rowns]

I wasn't really talking about the Super-deluxe editions in particular though. My point was, that if US buyers could purchase HoME deluxe editions (books which HM must hold the rights for in the US?), why is this any different? (particularly if HM have no intention of releasing their own Super-deluxe; couldn't they allow distribution in this case?)

The HoME deluxe editions don't constitute new editions as such (Yes/No?); they didn't even have a new preface or introduction. So surely HM held the rights to distribute these in the US?; or conversely HC didn't hold the rights for them in the US, and US customers would have had the same problem as they have now? (with CoH Super-deluxe). But you could buy them and get them sent to US!

Is this warped logic? Or is it simply that rights issues are different for individual titles? (Is HoME example exceptional because of the titles being collected together?). Or is it something more specific; like the fact that HC are distributing the titles themselves? (and not through a wholesalers).

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