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Re: This made me laugh

Subject: Re: This made me laugh
by Beren on 2007/12/21 13:19:24

Ever seen a signature by Tolkien of this size? J is completely wrong as is the flowing T. It is exactly the opposite of the direction how Tolkien pulled his strokes... showing this was a different person who signed the book. Also there are too many stops in the signatures on unnatural places, where Tolkien normally does not stop. The n is done very neatly, but the stroke under the signature is completely wrong. By the way the signature on the back of the book, which the forgers tries to copy dates back from an early letter by Tolkien and the autograph of Tolkien in 1969 was completely different. Since 1966 he used his famous flourishing authograph and not this older signature. By the way there does exist a book from Chandler with a true autograph, that part is absolutely correct. But this is a fake, no doubt about it.
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