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Re: The Super Deluxe Children of Hurins are out

Subject: Re: The Super Deluxe Children of Hurins are out
by Metapraxis on 2007/12/16 20:41:08

Yep, north and south are pretty arbitrary, but given that those pesky Europeans drew the first world maps (and they also favour that annoying Mercatur projection which makes Western Europe look huge and Australia look the size of a dry-roasted peanut), I have grown to accept that I am dwelling on the underbelly of the planet :)

More importantly, my second [Australia-bound] copy of the CoH arrived today (number 97 -- which is kind of nice as my two copies neatly add up to 100). It's an impressive book and the colour is much nicer than it appeared in some of those eBay photos.

Now we all just have to hope that HC don't give up on trying to sell them direct and end up putting them on Amazon heavily discounted. That would be kind of annoying!

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