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Re: The Super Deluxe Children of Hurins are out

Subject: Re: The Super Deluxe Children of Hurins are out
by Khamûl on 2007/12/9 3:11:41

I emailed HC to ask exactly when they would be shipped & by what delivery method (to ensure I would be in when the courier came with it!). They stated w/c 10th using a 'Next Day' courier. Mabey they started a little early (saturday).

Did anyone order very early on the morning the email from Tolkienstore came through? (10:19 on the 19th for me; then another at 13:28). First order was to get #1 I gather. Your order number that you received, I'm told, does not relate to the exact number you'll get (although it was perhaps the intention) . I was told:-

They will be sent out on an first-come-first-served basis and details are loaded onto the system in sequential order, however because some of the transactions failed...

So if your order # is '100' -you'll get a lower numbered book apparently, because of the glitch. So this seller must have been one of the first to place an order. And, #1 must already have found a home :)

Looks nice though! Excited...
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