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Re: Stolen Tolkien Books on Ebay

Subject: Re: Stolen Tolkien Books on Ebay
by remy on 2007/12/8 6:34:56

Amazing! I remember buying a Deluxe Silmarillion and some audio books from that seller a couple of years ago. Brand New in Perfect Condition. I remember wondering at the time how he could sell them so cheap. Because they were perfect, they were obviously not rejects or returned items.

I even remember exchanging a couple of emails - he seemed a very pleasant person indeed!

I doubt however that they will try recover the merchandise. Too costly chasing thousands of buyers all across the UK and elsewhere. It would cost more to recover the books than they would be worth.

Anyway, looks like he is re-mortaging his house to pay back Harpercollins. So should be no need to try recover any merchandise.

Thanks for posting the news story! Quite amazing.
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