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Easton Press editions of Tolkien books

Subject: Easton Press editions of Tolkien books
by Peeta on 2007/12/13 0:34:31

Hey, I have been looking at some Easton Press Tolkien books and I was hoping that some of you more knowledgeable Tolkien enthusiasts could help me know what exactly to look for. First there is a local used book store that has Easton Press copies of The Hobbit, LOTR trilogy, and The Silmarillion, each priced for $100. The LOTR copies state Revised Edition, but The Hobbit only has printing dates (The Silmarillion I did not look at). I was hoping someone could give me advice on buying Easton Press Tolkien books with respect to first editions, first printings, etc. Also I saw a very attractive copy of The Children of Húrin on the Easton Press website. Any input and/or advice on buying Easton Press Tolkien books would be very much appreciated. Thanks a lot!
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