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Re: One Super Deluxe CoH owner is reporting flaking foil...

Subject: Re: One Super Deluxe CoH owner is reporting flaking foil...
by Khamûl on 2007/12/19 13:04:15


I've had to admit defeat with my #58 copy!

I mentioned in the other CoH thread that my copy had, what looked like, a scuff. After some thought & a good look I had to send it back.

The leather had been poorly tooled around one (back board; outside top) of the corners; you could actually see the board through it! It didn't look too good; but in the long term it was also a weak point, and I thought with time the leather would start to come away.

As I said to Deagol -Damn, Damn, and more Damn!! I don't have any 'Super' De Luxe editions; this was the first one I'd bought. And, #58 was nice and low for me. But now I've got #153...

Interestingly, as of the morning of the 17th only 152 copies had been shipped; hence me getting the next one. HC were extremely prompt at rectifying the problem mind you. I emailed on Sunday afternoon (undoubtedly not read until Monday morning), and the replacement was with me this morning (Wednesday!). [I currently have both copies!]

Your right about repair though Deagol! I did ask, but repair was not an option on the table. Annoyingly sense would tell you that #58 will be resold once repaired!

Please convince me that the number doesn't really matter...

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