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Re: One Super Deluxe CoH owner is reporting flaking foil...

Subject: Re: One Super Deluxe CoH owner is reporting flaking foil...
by Metapraxis on 2007/12/19 16:36:52

I think that if the board was showing through, that you did the right thing getting it replaced. I don't think the number matters at all, unless it matters to you.

Interesting that they have only sold 150 copies. Realistically, that means they got the price point completely wrong, as there is zero chance they will sell the remaining 350 copies (all the die-hard collectors have already bought them). I suspect the price will drop to 200 pounds or so (possibly via a reseller that can ship to the US, such as Amazon.co.uk), at which point they will probably shift [given enough time]. I suspect any prospective purchaser at this point would be holding off and waiting to see how it pans out.

In hindsight, I would have been happier if I had only bought one copy, but I'm planning on leaving both to my kids (and I haven't even had kids yet), so long term, I don't think it matters too much!!!

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