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Re: One Super Deluxe CoH owner is reporting flaking foil...

Subject: Re: One Super Deluxe CoH owner is reporting flaking foil...
by Khamûl on 2007/12/22 2:48:01

Thanks for that reply about the issue number Metapraxis! It doesn't really matter at all I don't suppose. Plus the alternative was to keep a damaged copy, which is stupid considering the money outlay.

Your surmise about the current rate of sales and price would seem to be correct. I don't know how long other De Luxe editions took to sell (I know Beren has mentioned the Hobbit Super De Luxe's that he bought a long time after their publication; and the fact that they still had a lot left), but I don't suppose they'll distribute them via alternate channels just yet.

(As you state...) when you consider that all serious collectors who wanted one have probably now bought their copy (and many bought two copies); and that a few book dealers have bought copies evidently just to sell -that would seem to be those two sales avenues exausted.

All in thats only really a core group of ~100 people. I think the price has certainly moved it beyond the reach of the average book collector. Perhaps the price Beren was originally banding about of ~£250, would have made purchase less prohibitive.

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