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Re: A new collection

Subject: Re: A new collection
by Deagol on 2008/1/5 15:36:29

tom bombadilo said:

I happen to love your website, one thing I am disappointed about is that there isn't really a rarity estimate on the books. Obviously everything is worth different price depending on the buyer, but it would be nice to have a ballpark rarity range to know if you are being scammed. Aside from that I was the most informative site I have seen so far.

As originally planned, the site was going to be a price guide, but when you get down to it, price guides are just too subjective to be meaningful - what sort of price? what I would pay, what is paid on eBay or abe.com, what are dealers asking, etc. Rarity scales have similar problems. In addition, it does not necessarily follow that just because a book is rare that it is worth a great deal. The approach I have taken is to give details of print run size where known. I am slowly extracting additional imformation from Allen & Unwin's records and adding it to the site as it becomes available.

If you want to evaluate a book's 'rareness' I would suggest going to Bookfinder or ABEbooks. The copies offered there, or the lack of them will give you a fair idea of prices.
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