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Super Deluxe CoH bookmark

Subject: Super Deluxe CoH bookmark
by Peeta on 2008/1/16 2:56:18

I got my copy of the Super Deluxe CoH about a week ago (#34, dunno, might have bought it from a frequent of this site) and I love it more than I thought possible to love a book. but there's one thing about it that, and this is pretty funny, I feel sorry for it about (instead of concerned for it's market value), it's bookmark. Mine is a frayed piece of string (silk, lest i be mistaken) that is pulled horribly at it's base. In general terms it seems way below the standards of the book (i mean each page fells like about 3 regular pages perfectly glued together(i simply love this book!!)) What does anyone else think about this bookmark issue? if indeed i am not the only one who got the goofy type?
thanks all!
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