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Re: Anyone see the value in this eBay auction?

Subject: Re: Anyone see the value in this eBay auction?
by Khamûl on 2008/2/3 3:44:56

[Rowns] Some of the price on Ebay are just a bit strange really. $100+ for a few paperbacks! What are they missing!

You know to pull out of the bidding when the price gets anywhere near Abebooks prices. If reputible dealers (with ABEs 13.5% fees) can sell for whatever; not much point in paying that on Ebay (unless its a reputible dealer on Ebay also!).

I've been watching HoME prices for a long while now, and the prices people pay for these books are highly variable. They've all been gradually going down in price (I think). But the other day, a fairly normal copy of Sauron Defeated went for £100; which is pretty high. And, did anyone see the copy of Peoples of Middle-earth (usually goes for ~£300-500), that ADCbooks sold last year for £830! . Whats that all about!?

The crazy world of Ebay...

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