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Re: Anyone see the value in this eBay auction?

Subject: Re: Anyone see the value in this eBay auction?
by remy on 2008/2/9 7:37:52

I am not 100% sure of the Priority. Deagol may have a better idea. I would guess that the 250 Limited Numbered Run was the real First Printing.

The reason being is that a few years ago, Wim had one of the 50 Print Run for sale which I tried to purchase. But upon ordering, he informed me that about moving and losing the booklets. That was sometime in 2005 I think. So I would guess that the 250 Print Run is the First Run as the last ones available for sale (before the current 100 run) was from the 50 print run. Hope that makes sense!!! But as I mentioned, I may not be 100% correct. I am using a bit of guesswork.

I would be pretty certain that the one on Ebay was from the latest print run of 100 copies and indeed a rare mistake by dunedain8.

Still, it is a great item for those interested in the Publication History of Tolkien/The Lord of the Rings.
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