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Re: Anyone see the value in this eBay auction?

Subject: Re: Anyone see the value in this eBay auction?
by Trotter on 2010/5/11 10:17:16

I'm going to reopen this old post based on remy's comments and the fact that David Miller now posts on the forum based on comments in this post

http://www.tolkienguide.com/modules/n ... =ASC&type=&mode=0&start=0

Three questions.

1 - It looks like the 50 copies were not all lost, as garm appears to own a copy and David may also have a copy.

2 - Are we any further in establishing publishing order for these items than the last post in September 2008?

3 - Where did the 12 marbled boards copies come from?

It would be nice to get some answers but I think Khamul's comment is very apt in this case.

The printing numbers & history regarding Rayner's The Making of the Lord of the Rings produced by Wim is also quite complicated. I'm not sure if Wim can quite remember!

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