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Re: Tolkien Estate Sues New Line Cinema

Subject: Re: Tolkien Estate Sues New Line Cinema
by Khamûl on 2008/5/25 1:23:00


(I know this was on TolkienLibrary...but thought I'd keep it going...)

Poor old Christopher 'is said' to say quite alot, without ever being directly quoted (on the internet). "One last crusade" he said to someone, who said to this guy, who told us...

Add to that (although all very interesting) some interviews from nearly two decades ago (pre-film), and soon Christopher will actually be in California to speak to the judge in person!

I have to admit I didn't realise that the films were going to be planned quite as they seem to be (I'm sure I read it, just mabey didn't quite take it in!). The second film (in terms of content) sounds like it will be on real (legally) shakey ground should they choose to proceed. What happens between The Hobbit and LotRs is surely principally covered in UT? Other than the two books themselves (and the features within: names, characters etc), the LotRs appendices is the film makers only real hold on anything else Tolkien...

Think I would still have to go and see them if they get made though!

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