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Re: Lord of the Rings Boxed Sets

Subject: Re: Lord of the Rings Boxed Sets
by Urulöké on 2006/6/5 10:34:14

That truly is an awesome piece of bibliographical research, Deagol! I haven't seen an early boxed set recently, and don't have one on hand at the moment, but will pass on details of all future sets I see.

Parmastahir - I am working on a US paperback article for the site which should help you out. I have had fun in the past year or so looking for new/sealed boxed sets going back as far as the gold sigil set - haven't run across any BREM sets still in original shrinkwrap, but you never know! I doubt I'll find a green box still wrapped, though.

Deagol - I'd be interested to know if you have ever run across any early GA&U correspondence (while Tolkien was still alive) about The Silmarillion being planned in multiple volumes, as Clyde Kilby and others state in various correspondence from the late '60s.

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