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Re: Lord of the Rings Boxed Sets

Subject: Re: Lord of the Rings Boxed Sets
by Beren on 2006/6/5 0:14:49

Deagol wrote:
I have recently been doing some research on early boxed sets of The Lord of the Rings. The fruits of my labours can be read here:


If you own a pre-1965 Allen & Unwin LotR boxed set I would be interested to know if it matches the details I have listed in the article - especially the material used to cover the box, the type of construction (stapled or not) and which impression of each book it contains.

Deagol! You did it again... this must have been a lot of work. Thanks SO MUCH for making this article. It is wonderfull information. Will go an check at home to see if my box sets match all you info.

Once again, thanks for this article!
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