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Re: Wayne & Christina 'Addenda and Corrigenda to Our Writings'

Subject: Re: Wayne & Christina 'Addenda and Corrigenda to Our Writings'
by Findegil on 2008/5/21 19:56:11

I've been gradually revamping our website, updating both structure and content, and it occurred to me that since we had never put up any addenda or corrigenda for the Bibliography, it didn't make sense to have a non-link. Long ago I intended to post on the Web the additions and corrections that had been published in the Tolkien Collector, but with so much else taking priority, I never got around to it.

Oak Knoll Books are interested in a second edition of the Bibliography. Khamul is right that this is still over the horizon: once Christina and I fulfilled our book contracts with HarperCollins after many years' work, we turned our attention to badly needed renovations to our house, and frankly wanted some time to catch up with reading, music, films, etc. (Also, I have a demanding day job.) In the meantime, Oak Knoll have been reprinting the original text. When the second edition Bibliography does appear, it will have a lot of rewriting as well as correction, as I know much more now about Tolkien's publishing history than I did before 1993; and of course the book will be a great deal longer, as so much more has been published.

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