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Re: Lord of the Rings

Subject: Re: Lord of the Rings
by Beren on 2007/2/5 1:15:50

I do have some proof copies, .. and have been in contact with Toady. Have been tracking down another proof copy of Lord of the Rings which has been sold on ebay for 7000 USD about 5 years ago. I found the buyer and hope to receive info and pictures.

I do own a proof copy of The Hobbit (66 edition) and I know another proof copy for the hobbit (this time for longmans edition)... I have pictures of it.

Then I know a seller Lucius books has one for sale and normally Simon Finch, Ken Lopez and a seller called Biblioctopus have sold them in the past. I even think that Simon Finch must still have a complete set... I should write him.
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