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Re: We have pleasure in sending the accompanying book for review...

Subject: Re: We have pleasure in sending the accompanying book for review...
by remy on 2008/6/15 15:27:24

For the review copies (Advance Reading Copies or ARCs for short) that I have seen for the HOME series, they are mostly non-finished text bound in simple paper wrappers - clearly sent out much further in advance than the Silmarillion copy I saw.

Hi Rowns,

I presume technically speaking, that these would really be Uncorrected Proof Copies as opposed to Review Copies.

I do not know the strict definitions, and although a 'Proof' copy may be sent out for review, I would consider a 'Review' copy to be identical to the regular trade edition, whereas a 'Proof' copy may be bound differently and have many textual differences - and be an earlier state of the edition?

But I would think it important to distinguish between a 'Review' and 'Proof' Copy.

Have I got this right or are there circumstances whereby an ARC would have textual differences to the First Trade Printing?

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