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Re: UK HOME Hardbacks

Subject: Re: UK HOME Hardbacks
by Stu on 2008/8/11 17:29:18

>....Which all sounds perfectly possible with HoME...

Yes, the HoME books seem to be a law unto themselves with regards to consistency. For instance, I have two GA&U 3rd impressions of BoLT1 (which were simply extras acquired when purchasing a couple of lots of books -- and I have never gotten around to selling on). Copy 1 is printed by Mackeys and is listed as "Third impression 1984". Copy 2 - also printed by Mackeys - is listed as "Third impression 1983" (and also lists the second impression, which copy 1 does not). Given the same book, printer and publisher - this seems kind of confusing! Now I think about it, I'm also pretty sure that I have seen at least one top stained BoLT2 second impression on eBay (despite mine having no top stain).

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