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Re: I Need Info

Subject: Re: I Need Info
by Beren on 2008/8/15 13:54:26

o wow... count me in as interested buyer as well... I know exactly what this is and where it comes from, why it was made and how rare it is! I own one such map already and would honestly be very interested in obtaining another one...

Please mail me at info@tolkienlibrary.com .

So... now about the explanation. This is the Pauline Baynes map and this piece is known as the rare Pauline Baynes / Tolkien Middle Earth Tea Towel. This Tea Towel was 1st commissioned in 1971 and distributed to personnel of George Allen & Unwin, on a celebration (don't remember exactly what it was about). But it is clear Tolkien was there, since I read in an (unpublished) letter he himself had received such a teatowel at the 'party' or 'meeting' and was very happy with it.

Don't know if it was ever mass produced after that, but don't think so. It is Irish linen and very high quality overal.
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