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Re: Companion and Guide - Reader's Guide

Subject: Re: Companion and Guide - Reader's Guide
by Deagol on 2007/2/4 16:54:22

What a fascinating article on the animated Hobbit. It makes me want to rush down to Reading to see what A&U had to say about it all!

The Companion and Guide is proving to be very useful. Especially the Chronology. Finding out what Tolkien wrote to Allen & Unwin and when, proved to be very useful when I was trying to work out when the various proof copies of LotR were produced.

Browsing through the 'Works Consulted' section at the end throws up a lot of references that I really 'must' track down. I can see why it took Hammond & Scull so long to research and write the books.

I've never seen a second hand copy of Rayner's Remembrancer for sale. If you would just like a photocopy of the text, I can send you one, drop me an email.