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Re: Companion and Guide - Reader's Guide

Subject: Re: Companion and Guide - Reader's Guide
by Urulöké on 2007/2/5 11:05:14

Hi Dior,

the latest info I have on Douglas' Interview book is in the Events section here. October is the planned release date still.


I agree with your non-objectivity assessment, and also agree in how useful the book is. I think part of the problem lies in the fact that Wayne and Christina had a lot of help from the family in putting these books together, and they have shown the tendency to drop relationships if they don't agree with something that was printed or said (As an example, Renee met and correpsonded with Christopher a few times and he was a member of the AHA, but when a fictional humor piece got printed in an issue of Rivendell Review that hit a little too close to home, Christopher permanently dropped all contact.)
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