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Re: Tolkien signature

Subject: Re: Tolkien signature
by Stu on 2008/10/13 19:40:14

That's a tough break for David Miller, but it's good to see he is doing absolutely the right thing and taking these off the market (not that I would have expected any different - I bought a book off him a couple of years ago and he seemed like a nice bloke).

I guess one of the problems with the trading of signatures/autographs is that they really are so fakable. Not necessarily easily faked well, but it's far from impossible to do so. I think what is really odd about these items is that the signatures were done relatively well, but the typing and transcription (from the original sources) were done so poorly. I almost think that it was a double-bluff on the part of the forger.

I often wonder what the percentage of real signatures versus fakes are out there, and I've come to the conclusion that it probably isn't nearly as low as we would like it to be.

So I guess I'll be sticking to my unsigned books!