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Re: Hobbit 70th Anniversary edition question

Subject: Re: Hobbit 70th Anniversary edition question
by Deagol on 2007/2/5 13:36:12

This is the book mentioned - here.

It has the same ISBN as the standard trade hardback edition. HarperCollins are slowly reissuing their main Tolkien titles in new style jackets, so I think that this may be the reissue of The Hobbit rather than a facsimile edition.

Amazon are particularly bad at updating the publication dates and sometimes send out books with the old style cover even though they picture the new one.

Beren published a Q&A with David Brawn of HarperCollins last month and the only mention of The Hobbit was the new jacket.

There were rumours of a facsimile edition a few years ago, but the only thing to appear was the 2004 Deluxe Edition which included some of the things that Tolkien wanted in the first edition, but were omitted because of costs/practicalities.
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