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Re: Tales from the Perilous Realm Deluxe

Subject: Re: Tales from the Perilous Realm Deluxe
by Túrin on 2009/1/6 19:22:06

The HarperCollins saga continues...

I will have say that the forementioned ".. dismal state of HarperCollins" must extend well beyond their web site. I received word today from a very exasperated friend, who after much struggle just received his long awaited Tales from the Perilous Realm Deluxe Limited Edition Signed Copies. After HC receiving payment for the order, all record of my friend's order just up and vanished. After succeeding emails and much dialog between he and HC Customer Service, the lost order was sorted out and his book order was posted to him. After a rather pensive wait filled with much apprehension his long awaited order arrived... ONLY to discover the books he received were not at all the Limited Signed Edition which he had ordered, but rather the regular Unsigned Deluxe editions.

At this posting the situation is yet unresolved...

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