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Re: BOOK COLLECTING: Moving Your Collection!

Subject: Re: BOOK COLLECTING: Moving Your Collection!
by Urulöké on 2008/10/25 21:23:42

So... how many collectors here have smart phones now (a phone with a web browser in it)?

I must say, having one available when I am out shopping not only means that I can have access to Amazon, addall.com, eBay, and other sites to check availability and prices, but also it is sort of what I envision the Guide moving towards as an online resource.

And I love all the posts about moving your collections! I haven't moved in years now, but before this house I used to move at least once a year (renter in a very volatile market.) Thankfully all of the moves were quite local and I had access to both places for a while, so I could carefully pack a few boxes at a time and carry them myself from one place to another.
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