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Re: BOOK COLLECTING: Moving Your Collection!

Subject: Re: BOOK COLLECTING: Moving Your Collection!
by Beren on 2008/10/26 6:49:06

I remember the horror of moving very well. I must have moved over 25 times in the last 10 years; the worst being coming back from Greece to Belgium and moving over 1000 Tolkien books... It was completely out of my hands and I did spent weeks to prepare it. I was very happy to see them all arrive in good shape and quickly released them from the horrible boxes. Still, because of lack of space I do sometimes have to store a lot of books in boxes... and so the last years I did sell over 1000 books and am concentrating to sell of the large volume and exchange them for better quality items.

There is lots to say about moving books, but also a lot on how to put them on shelves, how to handle them, insurance, exhibiting, etc. There is a lot we can learn from older collectors, so please any topic that can teach us something, don't hold back and talk about it here!
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