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Re: Books from Tolkien's Personal Library??

Subject: Re: Books from Tolkien's Personal Library??
by Jlong on 2008/10/21 14:42:59

So, I'm pretty sure three of the books are from Tolkien's library (the ones once owned by David Miller). I contacted David Miller and he had this to say:

"Yes, I can confirm the sale of the 3 books (from Loome) to Greg Miller, and the small inscription portion was a gift to him as well. I'm afraid that I
was unable to find one of the 2 page catalog's from Loome, as I purchased mine thru abe.com as Loome was listing them online. As well as I can remember, the 3 books cost me slightly less than $2000."

Here is a picture of the endpapers of the books before the signatures were removed.
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