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Re: Tolkien Signature in Smith of Wootton Major

Subject: Re: Tolkien Signature in Smith of Wootton Major
by Beren on 2008/10/26 6:28:40

Sorry about the 'making jealous' thing... not so long ago I was feeling rather jealous myself when you send me the email about the books from Tolkien's library.

Still I find it peculiar this "Oxfam" store did manage to sell it just like a normal book and for no money at all.

I did once buy a signed 2nd impression Hobbit in that same store (but that was in 1991 or 1992) and I did not expect ever to see a signed Tolkien book to show up there again (since then Tolkien has become much more famous and you expect them to check every Tolkien book that comes in there...)

Still this signed Smith was found there a year ago. So one advise, if you ever go to Oxford. Always go in the Oxfam store to see if anything 'special' is there.
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