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Re: Super Deluxe Children of Hurin - Great Price for U.S. Collectors!

Subject: Re: Super Deluxe Children of Hurin - Great Price for U.S. Collectors!
by Túrin on 2008/12/30 9:18:26


Couldn't pass up that 20% Signed Limited Deluxe Children of Hurin discount coupon of yours, thx friend.

Placed an order for 2 copies this day (keep one, sell one strategy). The 20% discount should help move the remaining copies along, I know it's motivated me. Should prove to be interesting to see where the numbers are when mine arrives. Will post #'s when they arrive in 7-10 days, perhaps less. High numbers will be better than no numbers.

$1,033.00 -20% = $826.40 / 2 = $413.20 per copy.

Per copy savings = $103.30. $206.60 realized for the two, not too shabby..!

The savings is sweet,,, still.. it's well over $400 a book, a little on the stiff side, but should double/triple in the next 5 years on the weight of the signatures alone. Not to mention that the CoH is a destined classic in it's own rite... ever bring CoH to the big screen.. it'll smash all the records (IMHO).

CoH was a great read, this deluxe edition with two great signatures make it a great collectible, am pleased to add it to my collection.

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