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Re: Super Deluxe Children of Hurin - Great Price for U.S. Collectors!

Subject: Re: Super Deluxe Children of Hurin - Great Price for U.S. Collectors!
by Elwë on 2008/12/30 23:24:17

Turin, I think that's a good deal. I'm still a bit upset about missing the 20% off by a matter of days. I did get 10% off, so it isn't too bad. (I did try to contact HC twice about a possible price guarantee/price match, but never got a response - great customer service HC! )

I cannot say where the market for this book will go in the near future. I would like to think that it might double or triple. The price certainly won't change much until all copies are sold out. However, I think that Christopher Tolkien's signature, plus the very nice leather binding on the book should make for an attractive collectible in the future.

Please do post the limitation numbers on your books once you receive them. (Also, just so you don't panic, my books actually took 12 business days to arrive. They may have been delayed in customs or something.)
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