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Re: American Two Towers First Edition, Later Printing

Subject: Re: American Two Towers First Edition, Later Printing
by Elwë on 2008/12/1 13:57:22

Many thanks, Deagol. I really appreciate the detailed and incredibly informative response. I am somewhat amazed that anyone has figured this out at all. As I was reading it, I was beginning to think I would have to decode anagrams or solve some puzzle with Fibonacci numbers that would lead me to the answer. Anyway, thanks again. I will have to check on which printing I have later tonight as I am not with my books at present.

Also, I would like to say that this forum has to be one of the best references a Tolkien collector can have. I have many times come here for some obscure bit of information that I feared I would struggle to find, but someone has always come through. There truly is a wealth of knowledge at the Tolkien Collector's Guide.
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