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Re: Is anyone else unhappy about this?

Subject: Re: Is anyone else unhappy about this?
by Khamûl on 2008/12/6 9:59:33

I'd agree; there are a few things not quite right with the first listing (although I'm no expert on drawings or signatures; and have no special interest in them.)

Lee's signature is usually always rising from left to right (i.e. isn't written level to page); and almost always in the bottom right of the page. This date equates to Moreton on the Saturday; Lee wasn't anywhere else that day. But, this fact is well known. The date also doesn't look quite right. Again, too straight; a bit 'shaky' looking -as if done quite slowly.

The drawing is okay -mabey a little large; but has anyone else seen Lee do anything else? Lee almost always does this kind of picture: usually large; quite light on the page; and portrait, showing profile.

But dogfark is surely known to someone. Lists a lot of stuff. Haven't heard of anyone questioning their auctions before; although I do recall that other ridiculous auction claim!

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