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Re: The wonders of eBay
2006/6/5 22:04
From Essex, England
Posts: 1489
eBay Item #301292509506

So I should pay £182.98 for a book published on 31/12/1961 (this book was first published in 1962 at least a day later) by HarperCollins (don't think they were around in 1962) and they state in the description

"Please note, the image is for illustrative purposes only, actual book cover, binding and edition may vary."

Posted on: 8/26 10:49:53

Re: Books From Tolkiens Library For Sale
Just popping in
8/25 17:31:16
Posts: 2
Thank you for the information on the books.

Thanks for all the replies so far. Here is some basic information that I have given everyone who has replied.

2 years ago I was offered $2K US for these books by a dealer who I took them to because I was curious of their value. Last year I took them to an auction house here in Milwaukee WI who said they were worth more, but wouldn't pin down a price for me.

My experience in both cases lead me to search this site out as I would rather sell to a true fan, and maybe take a little less then go through these places that just look to flip things to their little customer data bases.

My father taught me to read by reading the Hobbit to me and having me read it back to him, so I hold a special place in my heart for Tolkien. So forgive me if I am a little more chatty on your personal inquires then other sellers as I am truly interested in making sure these go to a good home.

I will be posting better pictures with a real camera. The ones online were from my phone.

Once again thanks to all for the interest.

Posted on: 8/26 10:46:51

Re: Books From Tolkiens Library For Sale
Not too shy to talk
2008/9/23 18:57
Posts: 38
Some notes:

1) Tolkien’s inscription on the copy "Anglo-Catholicism & Re-Union” reads:

“given to me by Rev. S H Scott
in the old 'Newman Bookshop'
at that time in Beaumont
Street, Oxford”

(This appears to be written in ball-point pen, and so was most likely made in the late 1960s or early 1970s. Tolkien's signature here also looks to be a later example.)

Some further info on Rev. S[idney] H[erbert] Scott of Oddington Rectory, Islip, can be gleaned from here, here, and here.

Note that in 1940 Rev. Scott changed his name to Sidney Herbert Drane-Scott, and that he died in 1949. Tolkien thus received the item from Rev. Scott prior to 1950, and indeed the handwriting on the cover looks to me to date from the 1930s or 1940s.

Fr. Magnus Wilson writes here that the Newman Bookshop was "begun by David Andrews before the Second World War, and was originally sited in Beaumont Street (I think at number 19). In later years David had to move down to Walton Street. I joined David there in 1950, and was followed shortly after by Peter Hastings,* and then by Ken Todd."**

2) Tolkien's signature on the copy of Emerson's "Middle English Reader" looks typical of the later 1920s.

3) The card from Oxford University Press is apparently a receipt for an examination paper that Tolkien had printed for distribution to students. (I have seen examples of such printed papers.)


* Tolkien's (draft) Letter 153 (Sept. 1954, not sent) is addressed to Peter Hastings.

** I also see from this that the Newman Bookshop reopened in Oxford in Nov. 1997, in part due to the negations the late Catholic author and Tolkien scholar Stratford Caldecott (whose name is misspelled in the linked article).

Posted on: 8/26 7:25:53

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Re: Interesting eBay Auctions
Quite a regular
2013/10/8 13:58
Posts: 41
Thanks Stu! I see that it is numbered 50!

Posted on: 8/26 4:14:15

Re: Interesting eBay Auctions
Home away from home
2008/8/10 2:07
From Queenstown, New Zealand
Posts: 580

Lokki wrote:
Super Deluxe Edition of Children of Hurin. I am salivating

eBay Item #201156956354

Just for clarity, it isn't "No.1" of the 500. They can also be picked up for at least 100 pounds less than this one.

Posted on: 8/26 4:04:08

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