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Re: New Book Releases
Just popping in
10/19 17:08:08
Posts: 1
Received my Hobbit First, imported to Canada from the UK. Arrived safely!

I do like that it has a slipcase to protect it, but the dustjacket is a little bit too large (though folded as well as one can expect - I've seen much worse), and the slipcase is a bit tight, which inevitably means that the edges of the dustjacket are going to be damaged - in fact, they already are. Maybe I'll store the book in the slipcase, and store the dustjacket, along with the ISBN sheet... somewhere else.

I really like the cloth cover. A lot.

It's too bad, but understandably quite necessary, that they had to put the non-original (modified?) page with the printing information and ISBN into the book.

I'll have to re-read this thread to go back and see what people were saying about the mistakes with this edition, such as something about the page numbering?

On my front endpaper, the Lonely Mountain has left a faint but noticeable impression on the right side of the page. The same with the treeline that's closest to the spine on the right page of the back endpaper.

The printing seems a little bit light on some pages, in particular a few of the illustrations. Again, I'd consider it really a slight issue, but still enough for me to wish it was darker.

The cut of some of the pages isn't smooth along the edge of the book, it's hard to describe, but if you've seen it before you probably know what I mean, it's as if there is "sawdust" from the cut still on the pages, but it doesn't come off.

Someone was mentioning the letters at the bottom of the pages, for the signatures. I understood the concept of signatures but I didn't know about them being lettered in old books, so that was cool to learn. There's no "A" which is understandable, but... they skipped J, going from I on page 129 to K on page 145?

Final thoughts - I wish the paper/print quality was slightly higher and there are some improvements that could be made (as always), but overall I am very happy this was published and it's great to have this in my library. After I ordered it from the UK, the Canadian printing became available for pre-order - although even after exchange rate and shipping, I think the UK import ended up being a couple dollars cheaper. I'm definitely happy to have this first and original printing from the UK - or, I should say, from Italy :) I wonder where the Canadian release - which Amazon lists as being expected on November 8th - will be printed.

Posted on: 10/19 17:33:19

Re: Beren and Lúthien
Just popping in
2010/7/6 1:57
From Denmark
Posts: 9
That is also the way Wayne Hammond and Christina Scull have parsed the text in their blog post, though John Garth suggests that it may mean something else.

I have collected number of links, including those two, in my own post (and thank you for the link to the HMH press release!)


Posted on: 10/19 15:38:49

Beren and Lúthien
Not too shy to talk
9/28 19:58:21
Posts: 27
(It was suggested that it needs its own thread.)

Here is the American press release:
http://www.hmhco.com/media-center/pre ... tolkien-beren-and-luthien

The only way I can parse it is that the main body of the book, the illustrated portion, is the version from The Book of Lost Tales, Part Two, followed by a long appendix by Christopher Tolkien exploring the further development of the story through “passages … from later texts”.

It is an odd choice, more a “proto-Beren and Lúthien” than anything else. It is a beautiful and fun text, but, Beren is not a mortal man in that version, nor is there any character named Lúthien. The only possible explanation that I can think of is that the publishers insisted, or Christopher was himself convinced, that it had to be (a) prose, and (b) complete.

Otherwise, it’s impossible not to conclude that ‘The Lay of Leithian’ is the masterpiece, the great and definitive version of this tale, which, even though it lacks an ending, is one of the longest and most substantive of all Tolkien’s Middle-earth writings. The more obvious solution would have been to supply a prose ending from the Silmarillion tradition (not at all unlike what was done to create a middle section for The Children of Húrin).

Posted on: 10/19 14:39:28

Re: New Book Releases
2008/8/10 2:07
From Queenstown, New Zealand
Posts: 1038
I suspect the Chinese printing allows for fairly small print runs -- not quite POD, but maybe only low hundreds. I think the limited print run for these could easily go another decade!

Posted on: 10/19 14:09:00

Re: New Book Releases
Quite a regular
9/1 20:11:04
Posts: 64
That's very disappointing news about Deluxe Kullervo being made in China. I expected the 1st print would be made in Italy or UK like all others. There's just something off about Deluxe editions made in China. I just hope it is of decent quality unlike the abysmal Chinese Deluxe Hobbit. At this point I'm not even sure its worth getting since I already have the Hardback version (made in the UK, excellent quality).

On the other hand I am very happy about the Beren and Lúthien book and support the idea of doing something similar with the Fall of Gondolin. Hats off to the great Christopher Tolkien and I'm happy Alan Lee is illustrating it. So far Amazon.co.uk has pre-order listings for a Deluxe ("Special Edition"), Hardback, and Kindle.

Stu wrote:
With regards to "Limited Time Only", every deluxe has had that tag line. Has been true of The Hobbit and LOTR Deluxes for 11 years and counting.

Even if purposely misleading, the only requirement to make the"Limited Time Only" statement true is that they stop printing it at some point.

Posted on: 10/19 13:43:57

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