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1979 Tolkien Enterprises Chess Set
Just popping in
2009/11/25 13:00
Posts: 2
My granddad found this chess set in an abandoned house a while back and I was curious about its worth. I haven't been able to find anything about it on the internet. The kings are a good 5" tall, all pieces still have red felt on the bottom, and there is no board. Anybody know what it might go for?

Attach file:

jpg  PB250169.jpg (209.43 KB)
531_4b0d90ef22085.jpg 816X612 px

jpg  PB250164.jpg (171.02 KB)
531_4b0d9113ab293.jpg 816X612 px

jpg  PB250163.jpg (199.32 KB)
531_4b0d912986fed.jpg 816X612 px

jpg  PB250166.jpg (150.42 KB)
531_4b0d91485178e.jpg 816X612 px

jpg  PB250160.jpg (237.56 KB)
531_4b0d919a3525b.jpg 612X816 px

jpg  PB250159.jpg (265.13 KB)
531_4b0d91b18d53c.jpg 612X816 px

jpg  PB250165.jpg (185.75 KB)
531_4b0d91c29268c.jpg 816X612 px

jpg  PB250168.jpg (286.86 KB)
531_4b0d925e597f0.jpg 816X612 px

Posted on: 2009/11/25 13:24

A Tolkien Original
Home away from home
2006/6/4 4:17
From UK
Posts: 411
Grab yourself a bargain.....
I have seen this one close up and I wants it! Just need to win the lottery now.

Sotheby's Website

Posted on: 2009/11/25 13:17

Re: 1999 Harper Collins Deluxe Ed. Hobbit
Home away from home
2007/2/10 7:19
Posts: 166
Ok. I have a response from MPG Books regarding the paper issue. I am not sure how valuable this information is to the community, but hopefully it will add to the general collector knowledge base.

I emailed MPG books with the 'acid-free paper' question specifically as it pertained to the 1999 Harper Collins Limited Deluxe Hobbit. Here is the response I just got:

Dear Mr Shiner,

I can confirm that this title was printed on MPG Bookwove, which has been acid-free stock since approx 1990. We are still stocking the same grade of paper due to it’s excellent archival and environmental qualities, and it has subsequently also gained FSC accreditation.

I hope this answers your query, but please don’t hesitate to contact me if you require any further information or clarification.


Samantha McGinn
Customer Service Manager

So, as most of us probably expected, the book was printed on quality paper. Case closed. Thanks for the responses and the help provided by the forum members!

Posted on: 2009/11/25 6:29

Re: R R Auction Tolkien Letter
2006/6/5 22:04
From Essex, England
Posts: 1803
The guarantee from RR Auctions is exactly the sort of thing you would not get from sellers of "dubious" items like the "Higgins" letter.

This letter has all the correct points that are missing from items like the "Higgins" letters

1 - It is typed by someone who knew how to type (Tolkien clearly did know how to type as he stated that he typed the LOTR out twice). The "Higgins" style letters appear to have been done by somebody who is not proficient at typing on a typewriter, like most people today. As they struggle with using a typewriter they write short messages.

2 - This is the sort of letter that Tolkien would have typed and signed. I think it would have been quicker to type than to write by hand, unlike the "Higgins" letters which if real would have been handwritten.

3 - It is possible to check the details in the letter with the parties concerned, you could ask the British Council about the contents or find out information about Professor Przemyslaw Mroczkowski. This letter does have some provenance that can be checked. There is nothing in the "Higgins" letters that can be checked even that "Higgins" ever existed.

4 - The signature looks much better. It is not in the horrible blue colour of the "Higgins" letters and even something cursory like the dots come after his initials and not before as in the recent "Higgins" letter on eBay.

I personally am completely happy with this item.

Posted on: 2009/11/25 3:14

Re: R R Auction Tolkien Letter
2006/5/26 20:36
From California, USA
Posts: 1336
Here is a link to more information on the Auction loonka is asking about just to make it easy to catch up.

I don't think this letter has been disputed here at TCG, it has been seen on the market place a few times before that I can recall.

RR Auctions is a reasonably reputable auction house, they go to good lengths to verify items before they are sold (they have contacted at least one regular on these boards to give an expert opinion on a previous Tolkien signed item) and they have pretty good returns/guarantee policies (I quote below from their website):


Each signed item is unconditionally guaranteed genuine without time limit. If a lot is declared to be not authentic, we may ask the purchaser to supply the written opinion of one competent authority acceptable to us. We will refund the purchase price after documentation has been submitted. The buyer’s only remedy under this guarantee is the cancellation of the sale and the refund of the purchase price. This guarantee does not apply to non-autographed items.

Every item is cataloged with the intent of accuracy. Improperly described items must be returned within three days of receipt. Please call us before returning any items. A merchandise credit will be issued in the case of a subjective, unresolvable dispute over condition.

Returns of non-autographed items must be made within thirty days of the closing date of this auction (no exceptions). Returns after that date will not be accepted for any reason.

I have enjoyed dealing with them in the past, myself.

Posted on: 2009/11/25 0:24
- Jeremy

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