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Re: 2005 Aston Conference Proceedings
2007/8/16 4:56
From Scotland
Posts: 1556
Wellinghall, are they Hb's?


Posted on: 2008/9/1 14:07
You drive a hard bargain – you can have it for £10 all-in – one consolation (for you) is that you do not have to hear the cries of my children, for bread...

2005 Aston Conference Proceedings
Home away from home
2006/11/24 11:12
Posts: 649

The Proceedings of
"Tolkien 2005: The Ring Goes Ever On"
are being published at the end of September.

837 pages, 98 papers, 95 authors, two volumes, one very good conference!

Published in two volumes the proceedings are available to order from Tolkien Society Trading and include papers from David Bratman, Rhona Beare, John Garth, Nancy Martsch, Michael Scott Rohan, Greg Wright, Dimitra Fimi, Lynnette R. Porter, and Tom Shippey.

The two volumes cover 11 subject areas for papers -
. Tolkien's Life . Middle-earth at the Movies . Tolkien in Other Lands .
. Tolkien's Legacy . Tolkien's Sources . Tolkien's World . Tolkien's People . Other Voices .
. The Telling of Tales: Myth and Storytelling . Theology and the Nature of Good and Evil .
. Tolkien's Literary Achievement .

To Order:

Both volumes are only available together and can be pre-ordered for postal delivery when published, or for collection at Oxonmoot, through Tolkien Society Trading.

Prices (including postage, where applicable):

UK: Collection at TS event £30 / US$60, or £35 / US$70
Europe & World Surface: £50 / US$100
World Air: £66 / US$132

The Tolkien 2005 Proceedings are initially only available through Tolkien Society Trading Ltd.

Order on-line (for credit and debit card orders only):

Order by September 20th for collection at Oxonmoot 2008, if attending.

Order by post: Tolkien Society Trading, 8 Chantry Lane, WESTBURY, UK, BA13 3BS.

Or by FAX on + 44 (0) 1373 865 001. E-mail: sales [AT] tolkiensociety [dot] org

Posted on: 2008/9/1 1:16

Re: Hobbit Deluxe - 1987, gold, 50 anniversary - how to recognize 1st/1st
Just popping in
2006/10/9 23:55
From Poland
Posts: 12
Thanks a bunch Wayne :) With Jeremy info and scan I have complete set of information!

Posted on: 2008/8/29 9:15

Re: Hobbit Deluxe - 1987, gold, 50 anniversary - how to recognize 1st/1st
Home away from home
2008/5/21 19:36
Posts: 195
For the sake of completeness, I should add that Tolkien Collector 13 included the following addendum to my note in the Bibliography:

Christina and I own two variants of the hardcover book club version of A3aa. The sheets of these are distinguished from each other only by the copyright page. I use the following numbers for reference only, as I can find no evidence for priority of one over the other. In variant (1), p. [iv] reads: ‘Copyright © 1966 by J.R.R. Tolkien | [notice of restrictions under copyright] | [rule] | BOMC offers recordings and compact discs, cassettes | and records. For information and catalog write to | BOMR, Camp Hill, PA 17012. | Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 73-8769 | ISBN: 0-395-17711-1 | Printed in the United States of America’. In variant (2), the text of p. [iv] is identical to that in (1), except that the rule and the lines ‘BOMC offers . . . 17012.’ are not present and there is no gap in the rest of the text to show that any lines have been omitted.

The ‘gold imitation leather’ in which the two trade copies are bound is textured like a heavy morocco: this has tended to make the red and green stamping somewhat rough. The two book club variants, on the other hand, are bound identically in a ‘brighter gold leatherette’, a term I seem to have chosen to suggest a more cheaply made covering -- which it is, but it is also smoother, and that has allowed cleaner stamping. The edges of the sheets are not mottled green; instead, the top edge is stained orange and the fore- and bottom edges are unstained; all edges are trimmed. Each variant has yellow/green headbands, and a slipcase with a printed label, like the trade version, except that the slipcase is covered with the brighter, smoother gold imitation leather. Each lower cover has a small square stamped in blind in the lower right corner: on variant (1) the square is 3 mm, and on variant (2) it is 4 mm.

Christina and I have seen a third binding variant, with a square stamped in red on the lower cover; but I do not have this in hand, and cannot give further details about the binding or the sheets.


Posted on: 2008/8/29 4:24

Interesting article about WWI and Tolkien
2006/5/26 20:36
From California, USA
Posts: 1238
Sir Martin Gilbert put an article up at The Cutting Edge News. In it, he remembers sitting next to Prof. Tolkien at Oxford forty-four years ago, and Tolkien talking of his memories of World War I and the Somme.

Gilbert has published a book titled The Somme: the Heroism and Horror of War, and in this article claims that Prof. Tolkien was the first eye-witness account he heard of the battle.

Posted on: 2008/8/26 16:40
- Jeremy

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