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Book collecting, "a deeply boring trade"
Home away from home
2006/11/24 11:12
Posts: 698
There's a story here that you might disagree with -
http://www.bangaloremirror.com/articl ... -deeply-boring-trade.html

- wellinghall

Posted on: 2010/4/22 1:03

The Horn Book Magazine (excerpt from The Hobbit)
Home away from home
2008/10/5 18:02
Posts: 563
I recently purchased a copy of this.

Does anyone else own a copy? I'm just trying to figure out how common it is because I couldn't find another copy for sale.

Any info or thoughts would be much appreciated.


It contains the following:

The Horn Book Magazine, May - June, 1938

Page 130, one paragraph, as follows:

The New York Herald Tribune's Prize and Honor Books. For the Second Annual Children's Festival, the Herald Tribune judges - Mrs. Dwight Morrow, Miss Mabel Williams, Mr. Stephen Vincent Benet, Mr. Robert Lawson and Mrs. May Lamberton Becker, Editor of the Herald Tribune's page, "Books for Young People" - have awarded one prize of $250 to J. R. R. Tolkien's The Hobbit as the best book of the spring for younger children.

Page 141, two paragraphs, beginning with:

The Hobbit is another book to add to this group, and we close this Spring Festival number with its opening pages. Some children will read the book over and over, and some to whom it is read aloud will find it in their memories long hence.

Page 174, two paragraph as follows:

Should any one be in doubt as to the looks and ways of dwarfs let him turn to The Hobbit (Houghton, $2.50), the book awarded a prize at the recent Spring Festival of Children's Books as the best book published for younger children in 1938.

The Hobbit is good vacation reading for older children as well -- for any one with imagination and a zest for adventure. A rich book, and a rare, and a book to share, is The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, who sadly enough is a professor of Anglo-Saxon at Oxford, which means that he may never find to write another children's book.

Page 184, excerpt of 5 pages from the beginning of The Hobbit

Attach file:

jpg  414nbSYR-CL._SS500_.jpg (33.87 KB)
251_4bcfcd37e8df7.jpg 500X500 px

Posted on: 2010/4/21 21:27

Re: UK HOME Hardback Reissues
Just popping in
2010/3/22 2:38
From Cheshire, England
Posts: 8
Khamul - Sweet, fancy Moses! I didn't expect anything nearly so detailed! Thank you very, very much!

Stu - As I only have 1-4 & 7 in paperback, I'd essentially be interested in having a look at whatever you're willing to part with!

Posted on: 2010/4/21 15:52
~Mr Burns

Balrogs DON'T have wings!

Re: Looking for info on map/poster
2006/5/26 20:36
From Oregon, USA
Posts: 1405
Hi Lawrence,

I don't have Tolkienalia (Beyond Bree catalog) in front of me today, so I am winging it a bit here, but in general:

- There doesn't seem to be any significant difference in valuation that I have seen between any of the various printings. This poster was in print for a little while during the late 1960s, but I don't recall offhand when they stopped making them.
- It is scarce enough that even damaged copies such as yours will make it worth selling rather than throwing away. eBay or here would be your best bet overall.
- There is a third Remington poster that I have not added to the Guide yet (the "Come to Middle-earth" version) even though I have one tucked away. Just no time to get the camera out recently...
- I usually haven't seen these folded, just rolled. I am thinking that your copy came with one of the fan club mailings rather than from a bookstore, but that is just a guess.
- Do you have a significant chunk of the poster missing on the left side near the middle? That would probably be the one of the larger defects to affect value.
- Can you send a snapshot (or type in) the text information printed in the lower corners? That will be useful to document the variations of this poster produced (but as I said, no-one seems to care when they care collecting these, that I am aware of).

Thanks for posting!

Posted on: 2010/4/21 9:32
- Jeremy

Re: Looking for info on map/poster
Just popping in
2010/4/20 16:53
Posts: 3
Ok, so I just found this page on this site:

Barbara Remington's "Map of Middle-earth"

Definitely the same poster. But were there different versions/printings that can affect the value, and are these valuable in general? Is there any other information I should be aware of that would affect the collectability?



Posted on: 2010/4/20 17:22

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