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Re: Help with History of Middle Earth Deluxe Editions (2000)
Home away from home
2007/2/10 7:19
Posts: 166
Hello, Urza. Over the past few months, a few of these things have sold on eBay. There was a shrinkwrapped copy of volume 2 that sold for $300USD, an opened copy of vol2 for $270USD and a couple of opened copies of volume 3 that sold for $180 to $200 USD. The last time I saw a copy of volume 1 sell on eBay, it went for about $450USD. These are all auction style prices which I think is a good gauge for what you could get if you wanted to sell soon. It is truly a reflection of what people are willing to pay. However, if you have time on your hands and are willing to wait a while, some of the other venues (like Amazon Sellers, Abe Books, eBay fixed price) might get you more money. I have seen the volume 2 on eBay at a fixed price of 300GBP. It has been there for a little while now. I personally think that is too high, but hey, if someone is willing to pay.......

Good luck!

Posted on: 2007/5/29 7:40

Re: Help with History of Middle Earth Deluxe Editions (2000)
Just popping in
2007/5/28 3:43
Posts: 20
Hi Urza,

I recently bought a copy of Vol. 2 on Ebay and paid EUR 200 (US$ 270) for it. I also purchases a shrinkwrapped Vol. 3 for GBP 130 (US$ 260.00) and a non-shrinkwrapped Vol. 3 for EUR 150 (US$ 200). The last Vol. 1 that I saw get sold went for about US$ 450 (I think). It's all about demand, I guess. At the moment, volume 1 and 2 are quite scarce, but there are four or five copies of Vol. 3 available in the $300 bracket.

Hope this helps!


Posted on: 2007/5/28 18:00

Re: Dodgy Children of Hurin Bookplates on Ebay
Just can't stay away
2006/6/7 0:44
Posts: 133
Hi Trotter,

Therewas someone recently selling a group of photo's from their experience at Waterstone's including a high res photo of the bookplate.
Unfortunately that's going to make it fairly easy to reproduce considering the simplicity of the original bookplates.

I bought a signed copy from ebay purchased at Barnes and Noble and I'm glad that I bought it earlier than later. It's going to be hard to tell a fake from authentic in the future


Posted on: 2007/5/28 15:51

Help with History of Middle Earth Deluxe Editions (2000)
Just popping in
2007/5/28 10:08
Posts: 3
Hi there,

First post! Apologies for it being such a long-winded one!!!

I've got all three volumes of the History of Middle Earth Deluxe Edition, published in 2000/1. When they first were released I paid £100 for each volume:

The History of Middle Earth. 3 Volumes, by Harper Collins Publishers
Designed to match the previous deluxe editions of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings this set brings together all the volumes of The History of Middle Earth into three volumes. Set in matching black slipcase, these collector's hardbacks are limited to 1000 copies and have been printed on fine India paper in order to bring the pages of material down to manageable-sized books. Half black leather in original publishers slip cases. Has the large Tolkien Monogram to the front boards. Housed in custom cloth slipcase with the Tolkien Monogram on the exterior, matching the gilt design on the book. All edges gilded.

Open in new window

Can anyone give me an approximate idea of what they are worth these days? Theres one copy of Vol.2 for sale on Amazon for over £1000, and another copy on eBay for £300..

As you've probably guessed, I'm looking to sell these fine books. I'm in some serious financial strife and am hoping to be able to sell these books to get rid of a large chunk of that.. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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Posted on: 2007/5/28 10:26

Re: Dodgy Children of Hurin Bookplates on Ebay
Yeah, I saw that auction and the first thing I thought was that it was looked somewhat suspect. I certainly wouldn't be taking the risk of purchasing it without seeing a receipt for the books showing them purchased at Waterstones on the appropriate day, with a valid transaction time. Of course, even receipts are even pretty easy to fake up with access to a PC and a POS Printer. Looks fake to me!


Posted on: 2007/5/27 20:25

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