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Re: Is my US Book of Lost Tales 1 a 1st/1st?
Just popping in
2013/5/5 18:58
Posts: 2
Stu, thanks for the thorough reply.

The spine displays "Houghton Mifflin". I don't have a photo that shows the price, so I will have to check that when the book arrives.

I wonder if it IS a bookclub edition... good point. I'll have to look for that as well.

Thanks for the feedback!

Posted on: 2013/5/6 12:40

Is my US Book of Lost Tales 1 a 1st/1st?
Just popping in
2013/5/5 18:58
Posts: 2

Online, I recently purchased a "Brand New" copy of JRR/Christopher Tolkien's "The History of Middle-earth: The Book of Lost Tales (Part 1)" for $30.00 (American Edition).

The number line reads: QWF 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

I bought it based on the fact that the number line appears complete and the seller listed it as a "1st Edition". However, I have my doubts now because the text on the top of the front of dusk jacket reads "THE HISTORY OF MIDDLE-EARTH, VOLUME I, CHRISTOPHER TOLKIEN", but on another copy I own (which I believe to be a 1st/1st (has full number line)), the top text only reads: "THE HISTORY OF MIDDLE-EARTH, CHRISTOPHER TOLKIEN". Also, the copy I already own has "Part One" in GOLD font at the bottom of the dust jacket front (right above "JRR TOLKIEN"), and the book i just bought has the "Part One" in WHITE text.

One of them must NOT be a 1st/1st if their is ANY difference at all in the dusk jacket text, correct? Or maybe the seller put a later-printed dusk jacket on the book? He says he didn't, but who knows.

Additionally, what do the letters ("QWF") next to the number line mean?... NOTE: the copy I already own has an "S" as opposed to the "QWF".

Thanks very much!

EDIT: Re-sized Pictures Trotter

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Posted on: 2013/5/5 19:04

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