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Re: Doworst in "Monash Review"
Home away from home
2009/12/14 6:06
From Sweden
Posts: 224
I've been trying to read up a bit on the poem Doworst, and noted a small difference in how the title of the fanzine from the Fellowship of Middle Earth is rendered:

1) The J.R.R. Tolkien Companion and Guide: Reader's Guide (p. 214) has "A Elbereth Gilthoniel!".

2) Douglas A. Anderson, in an article in Tolkien Studies, uses the title "A Elbereth Gilthoniel", without the exclamation mark (vol. III, p. 144). The author of the article on TolkienBooks.net follows Anderson's usage.

In the online catalog of Marquette University Libraries, the fanzine is listed with the exclamation mark ("elbereth" and "gilthoniel" are furthermore rendered in lower-case, which I suspect is merely a database issue). The article on the fanzine in the bibliography here on TCG does the same.

Looking at the scan of the cover of the ?first issue of the fanzine in the TCG article – is the vertical line to the right of "A Elbereth Gilthoniel" supposed to be an exclamation mark?

Well, perhaps it's impossible to establish a "correct" rendering of the title. After all, many publications have ambiguous titles (for example, is it "Lembas-extra" or "Lembas Extra"?).

Posted on: 2012/3/3 14:23

Edited by Morgan on 2012/3/4 5:02:29

Re: Doworst in "Monash Review"
Home away from home
2008/5/21 19:36
Posts: 196
Pardagast, thanks very much for bringing the Monash Review article to light. We'll add it to our bibliographical notes and Companion and Guide addenda.

Morgan, the fanzine A Elbereth Gilthoniel! does have an exclamation mark in its title. We can confirm this from the issues in our collection (in photocopy). The vertical line to the right of the title words on the cover is meant to be an exclamation mark, and is more detailed than the reproduction makes clear. The Marquette cataloging is derived from information supplied by Gary Hunnewell, the leading expert in Tolkien fanzines; we have Gary's information in our reference files as well.

Wayne & Christina

Posted on: 2012/3/3 21:06

Re: Doworst in "Monash Review"
2007/8/16 4:56
From Scotland
Posts: 1586
Morgan, you seem to have an uncanny knack of extracting Tolkien related blog entries from W&C! Keep it up.

The old Took's Tolkien Fandom Review is also highly recommended; I just bought the 1965 (The New England Tolkien Society, 2010) & 1966 (The New England Tolkien Society, 2011) reviews.


Posted on: 2012/3/4 6:35
You drive a hard bargain – you can have it for £10 all-in – one consolation (for you) is that you do not have to hear the cries of my children, for bread...

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