A Tolkien collector is featured in "Collector's News"

Date 2006/10/11 15:20:00 | Topic: Tolkien Collecting News

The cover story for the October 2006 "Collector's News" magazine features a Tolkien collector (unnamed) who has built an entire house (complete with circular doors) to house his collection of books and other materials.

The story is available for viewing on TolkienGuide.com, reproduced with permission from collector-news.com.

There is an inaccuracy in the article - the original collector first attended a Tolkien Society sponsored event in 2005, but the article author implies that this was the first time the Tolkien Society sponsored an event.

There are a few pictures of the house (very well constructed and very beautiful, but above ground and so not a true Hobbit abode), but only one interior shot that only shows a small handful of items from his collection in the background.

Still, enough to make this collector quite jealous!

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