Tolkien Reading Day NY Time and Locale Announcement

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Tolkien Reading Day

March 25th, 2007

Fiddlesticks Pub and Grill, New York



In honor of Tolkien Reading Day  Worldwide, the Northeast Tolkien Society will holding this year's event at Fiddlesticks Pub and Grill  56 Greenwich Avenue, New York, NY 10011.  

If you have not already RSVP'd please do so with Anthony
We plan to meet at Fiddlesticks, eat, drink (whatever your preference) and be merry while not only enjoying hearing the spoken word, but open these honored passages to discussion.

We will also have on hand, to whet everyone's appetite for the release of the Children of Hurin, individual volumes of FOTR, TTT, and ROTK and the ART OF THE TWO TOWERS (by Gary Russell) illustrated and autographed by ALAN LEE, which we will give away to 4 lucky attendees.

So please join us for a great Tolkien Reading Day 2007

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