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Tolkien Activities 1993 - Denmark

Organization: Danmarks Tolkienforening (Mølholtvej 90, 9300 Sæby, Denmark).

  • Activities: Danmarks Tolkiensforening was founded on 3 January and merged with Tolkiens Følge (founded on 22 September 1992) on 1 July. Meetings were held at Danmarks Radio on 4 January where they listened to recordings of the BBC interview with Tolkien and a Danish recording of The Hobbit read by the Grand Old Man in Danish acting, Ove Sprogøe. On 15-16 May a meeting was held at the home of the Danish illustrator of Tree and Leaf, Lars Physant. On 15 and 16 August they had a meeting in Viborg, Denmark, where they also began planning the great Tolkien event of 1994: Nordens Tolkien-festival '94. On 13-14 November they met in Copenhagen and went to an art exhibition of Queen Margrethe's paintings and cloaks. More informal meetings of a more private character have also been made where literary discussions took place.
  • Additional information: The society later adopted the name of Imladris - Danmarks Tolkienforening after a vote in 1994.
  • Publication: Athelas [Danish, quarterly]. Subscription cost is 150 DKK (Nordic countries), 200 DKK (elsewhere).

See also the Tolkien Activities 1993 - Addenda of groups not listed for 1992 for more information.

This content was originally written by Hildifons Took (Sumner Hunnewell) more than a decade ago, and is reprinted here with permission. Please see Tolkien Fannish and Scholarly Activities and Publications for 1993 for the main article page.

Tolkien Activities 1993 - Addenda of groups not listed for 1992.

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