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Tolkien Activities 1993 - Hungary

Organization: Magyar Tolkien Tarsasag (Zoltan Farkas, 14/A Aradi ut H-7500 Nagyatad, Hungary).

  • Actvitites: On 27 November the group had its first (founding) conference. Telumendil was accepted as the name for the newsletter, while no special name to the society was given (thus it remained Magyar Tolkien Tarsasag = Hungarian Tolkien Society). Elections were held. On 2 December the organization decided to publish Telumendil on computer disk, first as a part of another disk-publication. Disks would be available in IBM PC format (3½" or 5.25" size). The language of the zine will be Hungarian.
  • Publications: Telumendil [Hungarian, planned].

This content was originally written by Hildifons Took (Sumner Hunnewell) more than a decade ago, and is reprinted here with permission. Please see Tolkien Fannish and Scholarly Activities and Publications for 1993 for the main article page.

Tolkien Activities 1993 - Addenda of groups not listed for 1992.

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