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Endòre #8

  • http://www.endore.it/ita/fanzine_08.htm [Italian]
  • Autumn 2005
  • Articles

  • Gimli son of Gloin, Paul Barbian OCD
  • Fantastic narrative and theology, Alberto Quagliaroli
  • We are a Hobbit Happy People, David Bryn
  • The complexity of the attitude of T. to WWI, and S. Franco Manni Bonechi
  • Tolkien and the Internet, Beppe Roncari
  • Forums

  • Tolkien 2005 - Reports, the Beppe Cattaneo and Davide Roncari
  • Interview with Alan Lee, Chris Kreuzer
  • Interview the One ..., Helen and Joe Grecchi Roncari
  • Round Table, edited by Endor
  • Fiction

  • Mastio Red Black books, Alex Lewis
  • Legolas and Gimli to Valinor, Marco Catalano
  • A shortcut that leads to the mushrooms, the Emperors Henry
  • The last song of Bilbo, J. R. R. Tolkien
  • Reviews

  • Myth-making, fantasy and history in Tolkien, Alberto Quagliaroli
  • J. R. R. Tolkien - The Silmarillion, Davide Cattaneo
  • Peter Jackson - The Return of the King, by Filippo Rossi
  • At the table with Tolkien, Elena Grecchi
  • Myth-making, fantasy and history in Tolkien, Paul Barbian OCD
  • Forums

  • JRRT's opinion on ..., Daniel Lorenzo
  • The Internet Corner, by Andrea Alberici
  • The Library of Hobbiton, the Emperors Henry
  • Mathom, Riccardo Moretti
  • The archives of Minas Tirith, Beppe Roncari
  • MERP

  • The scythe of the Valar, Angel Galli (MERP Crew)
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