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The Mines of Moria

  • 1988
  • #3
  • ISBN: 0-425-08993-2
  • Author: Susan Matthews & J.D. Ruemmler
  • 200+ pp.

A GAME where YOU adventure in MIDDLE-EARTH!

The War of the Ring is over, but the evils of the past linger. Bram, a Dwarf whose family hails from Moria, asks you to undertake a dangerous quest. In the long-abandoned caves of Moria lies a document which proves the family's claim to lands usurped by a wicked rival. Can you retrieve it? The family wishes to restore its dignity, honor, and wealth; any riches found along the way are yours. Word of the mission, however, has reached the Dwarf-usurper who threatens to kill anyone challenging his claim. Can you outwit his schemes, restore the family lands, and seize a fortune of your own? YOU control your destiny in this danger filled thrid gamebook of the MIDDLE-EARTH QUEST series! In the MIDDLE-EARTH QUEST series you can

  • Play a ready-to-run character
  • Create your own character using the QuestGame system
  • Play your own MIDDLE-EARTH ROLE PLAYING (MERP) character

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